Closing of the bones

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How does the closing of the bones ritual help you?

Why closing is necessary after giving birth?

The closing of the bones is a ritual that many traditional cultures include in their postpartum healing care. The reason why is that during pregnancy the mother’s bones, tissues loosen up and get wider from each other, even the internal organs migrate to a different position in order to make room for the growing baby. The peak of this process can be the birth itself, if it happens vaginally the mother’s body releases the little one into this world.

Even at the beginning of labour there are hormones that loosen up the mother’s body even more. When the baby is born, in its place there is a void space in the mother’s belly. Therefore an important part of healing after giving birth is that the womb shrinks back to its original size, the internal organs take up their original place and it is also beneficial if the bones be pulled back.

In many cultures the mother is deemed to be open after birth. Besides the physical, the mental and energetic aspect is important too, since the process of becoming a mother brings many changes with itself. In many cases the mother is very vulnerable and sensitive in the postpartum period too, sometimes it takes more time to come back to the 3D world from the transcendent experience of birth. From a spiritual point of view, the closing happens naturally by itself most of the time. However, in some cases it doesn’t take place and cause several problems even years after the actual birth because the mother stays very sensitive and aware.

The aim of the Closing of the Bones ceremony is to terminate this open state. Physically it is usually done with a long, strong material. In the Moroccan method we use a hand woven wool material that is called the Kourzia with which we close the mother from head to toe. In order to achieve this we wrap her in the Kourzia and pull it firmly but gently. It feels like a strong, safe hug. So it’s not similar to the method that chiropractors use. This helps the physical closing. The ritual part: the Ceremonial tray, the candles, the scents and the authentic Moroccan music, dimmed light help with the mental-spiritual transformation.

The process of the ceremony

In an ideal case the Closing of the Bones ritual is preceded by the Hammam treatment. Before the rituals we talk a bit, I mostly listen with empathy. If you would like to you can share with me what you want to close in your life. After birth it’s usually our pregnancy and our life before the baby. You can imagine what are the new qualities you want to carry on with in your „new” life. Closing of the Bones can be done after ending a different life phase too (for example a divorce). It’s interesting to know that in Morocco this ceremony was offered for men also during war to make them able to process traumatic events and carry on with the battle.

You can imagine what are the new qualities you want to carry on with in your „new” life. A part of the Closing of the Bones ritual is the belly binding that happens with the help of the traditional Moroccan hand-woven Kourzia too. After a short demonstration you can practice it every day throughout your postpartum period. In the first 2-3 weeks it is recommended to wear it during the day every day. You can rent or buy a Kourzia wrap from me, if you like it. It doesn’t make muscles lazy, just supports them in becoming fit and strong again.

Practical advice


You can get the Closing of the Bones ceremony even 3 days after a vaginal delivery. If you had a C-section it’s worth waiting for about three months in order to make sure that healing is happening properly in the deeper tissues as well.


Ideally there is another adult in the house while we are doing the ritual so he or she can tend to the baby and let you have a relaxing time. However, we can have a pause anytime if your little one needs you.


Traditionally in Morocco they offer the hammam and the Closing of the Bones ceremony right after another as many times as possible during the postpartum period in order to help her heal and grow stronger as soon as possible. Thus these rituals are worth to have more times soon after giving birth.


However, if you didn’t have the opportunity to get it after your baby was born it’s never too late to thank your body the enormous work and effort it did for you, your baby and your family. It is beneficial even 20-30 years after giving birth. You can experience the Closing of the Bones ritual in itself or together with the Hammam treatment. In itself it takes usually 1-1,5 hours, together with the hammam 2,5-3 hours.


If you want to have a magical and healing experience after the birth of your baby, contact me and we talk through the details!

Feel free to message me!


Feel free to message me, I will try to answer you as soon as possible!

Feel free to message me, I will try to answer you as soon as possible!