Frequently asked questions

How can I help you as a postpartum doula?

I’m a doula who specialized in helping you after your baby is born. Since I have two children I have my own experiences of the postpartum and I attended several courses related to this topic.

Therefore I know exactly what processes take place in the body and mind of a mother after childbirth. I can answer your questions and worries and if a problem is more complicated I can recommend you a specialist.

With my supporting and accepting presence I hold space for you to become a mother and a father. I can prepare healthy and nourishing food for the whole family. With the rituals I offer I can help the healing process after birth.

Last but not least with my supporting, special treatment decreases the chance that the new mother develops postpartum depression.


For whom is it beneficial to hire a postpartum doula?

For everyone. It is awesome if you have family or other helpers who can give you a hand with the household tasks after your baby is born. However, not everyone has family or friends who can help (the way the new family needs it).

Harmony and empowering you in your parenting competencies with accepting, emphatethic support is very important. As a postpartum doula I can offer you this with my presence.

Not to mention that I am the first person in Hungary who got certified in the traditional Moroccan practices. So if you want to enjoy a really special ritual that is able to heal your body and soul, do not hesitate to contact me.

If as a father you want to thank your partner for giving you the most precious gifts on Earth, a baby, you can buy a gift card for her to order my services.

How much do you have to wait with the rituals after a Cesarian delivery?

In order to make sure that the healing is going properly in the deeper tissues as well, it is worth to wait at least three month after your baby is born. Of course you can book an appointment sooner as well.

How much do you have to wait after birth to experience the healing rituals: the hammam and the closing of the bones ceremony?

Since the hammam treatment is not a classical sitzbath, you can enjoy it as soon as 4-5 days after giving birth. Pay attention to your body. When you feel ready for a pampering wellness experience, you can jump right into it.

When is it too late to try the healing rituals?

Never! Of course the best case scenario is that you can use the hammam and the closing of the bones experience right in your postpartum period. However, it is never too late to honor and thank your body for the amazing work it did with growing and birthing a baby. The traditional Moroccan treatments therefore can be beneficial even 20-30 years after birth.


How many times is it recommended to have the hammam and the closing of the bones in the postpartum period?

There are no rules for this. Whereas the sooner you start the treatments after birth and the more occasions you can take the more efficient they are. It is worth trying them once in the first three weeks and if you can have three occasions in the first six weeks it’s awesome.

Who takes care of the baby while you enjoy the traditional rituals?

Ideally the treatments take place in your home and there is another person who can watch the baby while you unwind. Naturally, if your little one needs you it is possible to take a break anytime.

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